Saturday, October 23, 2010

JAKES Club Resort HALLOWEEN Spooktacular

JAKES Club Resort HALLOWEEN Spooktacular, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

jakec hotshot of jakes club resort

zombie land party friends

jakes club resort manger baz ceawlin

zombies at jakes club resort

We stopped off at Jake's Club Resort to get a pre-Halloween party. Zombie Land was happening tonight with everyone dressed in ghoulish, bloody attire.

Jakes Club Resort Zombie Land Party

I saw entrails hanging out of bellys, slashed and ripped skin, missing eyeballs, and the walking dead.

dead zombie at zombie land party
Oh yes, FUN! There is never a want for a good time at Jake's parties. Each party is carefully built to fit a theme and everyone participates.

zombies come out at night at jakes club resort
The pictures do not do justice as each avatar was dressed to kill! (Pun intended, lol!)

jakes club resort dance floor
We will be back for more next week at their official Halloween Spooktacular!

xavier, raftwet at jakes club resort
... hmmm should i be a ghoul? or a death princess? or an evil clown? (gotta go shopping!)

xavier, raftwet at zombie land party

All photos by raftwet jewell and uploaded to flickr for THE A LIST! blog.

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