Wednesday, December 22, 2010

raftwet, xavier of THE A LIST!

raftwet, xavier at dj healer ladybird party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

xavier, raftwet at hot m.e.s.s. for dj etc dollinger

raftwet, xavier at key west resort for live music

raftwet, xavier at brick house for dj sixes jonesford

What a great year 2010 has been for us. 

raftwet, xavier at club substance

THE A LIST! tries to network everyone's business interests here in Second Life by providing a vehicle of transparency. We allow you to use this group for your needs. We even allow you to form your own group by using our resources to network. We do not restrict much except for the big no no's. We want our notices to be informative without drama or unsavory language. And, most of all, we respect you as business owners, group owners, club/venue owners, and artists/musicians.

xavier, raftwet at sleek for dj sao
The benefits are great for us, too. We get to hang out with you and attend great parties when we have the time. We go to your events because we really want to; not just because you are in our group. We applaud joyously for our musicians. We believe in you and we truly enjoy your music.

xavier, raftwet at organica/happy clam island for dj thomtrance

xavier, raftwet at blu party

raftwet, xavier at jake's club resort halloween party

What we hope is that you all understand that we are doing the best we can with the limited resources and man-power to blog and social network your interests. Please do not allow your feelings to fester. Communicate with us if you see a problem or criticism. We are not perfect. And, real life often interferes with our schedule, so sometimes we can not be where we want to be with you.

xavier, raftwet at maximillion kleene concert

We have also started a new flickr group called THE A LIST! Virtual. Please join us and share your photos. We want to tell everyone about your personal and business interests. Help us to spread the word about you!

xavier, raftwet at woods for halloween party

raftwet, xavier at ambrosia dance club

raftwet, xavier of THE A LIST!

Please feel free to post or comment your info on our virtual sites:


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