Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Imagine Peace

Recently on our travels and exploration of the great outdoors of the Second Life grid, we found the most interesting art space at Ode sim. WorthWhile by Random Calliope is a thought provoking gallery of artworks and retail space. There is a poster for a free piece of jewelery there, too.


Freebies are fun to receive from builders, but this is not just any piece of jewelery or freebie. The piece, "But I'm Not the Only One" is given to you with a plea for peace. Imagine Peace is the mantra inspired by John Lennon's song, Imagine. Both of us took the freebie, and we were both very inspired by this token, this gift.

Xavier thought it would be grand to give this jewelry to every member of The A List! Why? As a reminder that all of us, though we live in a small microcosm of the universe, have the ability to make a difference in matters of peace. If each of us is reminded to live peacefully with each other, that feeling may spread into your neighborhood, your place of business, your local government, your state, your country and maybe the world.


Artist Random Calliope in a way has given the most powerful reminder of why we are in this place: Peace, Love, Unity and Respect for all living creatures and this planet itself. Creating this jewelry with a symbol of peace and hope; John Lennon and his song Imagine.

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