Monday, January 12, 2009

Xavier, Founder of The A List!

I opened a couple of sims last night to celebrate Xavier's real life birthday.
He was feeling out of sorts this past week and needed a party.


The A List! group of friends came through big time for us on very short notice.
Why? Because they support us in every way they can.
And we do the same for them.

Thank you people!
DJxHalloween owner of Divaz Lounge
DJxxMP from Divaz Lounge
DJ TinaMarie from Swoon
DJ Thomtrance from Organica
DJ Jen from Club Neptune
DJ Healer from Piranha
DJ Shad owner of Piranha

Also, thanks to the networkers and their groups!
Digital from Digital Nation group
Mackenzie from Mack's Place group
Hallow from Divaz group
Thomtrance from Happy Clam Island group
Shad from Piranha VIP group
Jen from Club Neptune VIP group

Thank you very much for all your help!
Xavier had a wonderful birthday and we owe it to you! <3

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