Monday, January 5, 2009

the a list! second life

good gawd... another blog.

this one is for the a list! in second life founded by xavier one day on a whim... 
(remind me to spank him for that)
heck if i know why i need another blog in my second life or in my real life.
its a group of networkers who understand that xavier and i are not trying to compete w/ other groups or clubs or event makers or promoters.
we leave that to the experts.

the list is from our own hearts.
im basically a cheerleader (rah rah rah sis coom bah)
in other words, its stuff, places, people, djs, music, galleries, sims, events, partys & products that we personally like.
thats it.

Rafee & Xavier at Lost Gardens of Apollo

the networkers come with their own groups.
im here to network the outdoor lifestyle... wow, we party too (boy, do we ever)
what has happened is that within the group itself, people are creating their own synergy.
its a no-brainer. but some get it... some dont.

i just got accused of having multi-avies representing RAFTWET Jewell.
nooooooo... it's just me, a female living in california.

River Rafting on Land
WET Builders practice land on Bisque near the Mauve sandbox.

i work for the california whitewater rafting industry.
and guess what? our industry is in danger of disappearing because of dwindling resources:
the rivers in california are in danger of being dammed or polluted.

when i got here to second life, i discovered that hardly anyone or any country was putting out the info about rivers and conservation.
now, every sim, club, happening or whatevah has a water, river or waterfall element involved.

so did we do good? i dont know... but what i do know is that i am here in this wonderous community... and if you dont like me because i work for a company... well, at least you know im not hiding that fact.

rafting industry is miniscule, but passionate.
we are grassroots ppl!
recent victory is the demise of the Auburn Dam! wooooot!

those politicians who tried to force a boondoggle on northern californians were surprised at how well organized we were to make sure the public was aware of this total waste of money.
and, the loss of a precious river system.
(bu-bye & adios congressman doolittle)

yeah, im a corp avie.
and i am not a professional writer or photographer.
(geesh, cant you tell?)
but im just one person,  one avie representing a clean outdoor recreation movement.

so damn, get off the couch and get outside.
take the laptop with you so you can load up your pics & blog... hehe, thats what i do.

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