Wednesday, April 15, 2009

all about music

Several new music friends have joined our merry little group, The A List!. Music is alive and well in Second Life with networking numbers that far exceed most categories here.

For me, it has always been about the music. Not a genre, but pure music. The kind of music that touches your soul, your heart. The kind that sends you soaring into outer space or back to the little beach on the Pacific Ocean. The kind of music that gets your feet stomping and your body popping... all music.

bassline junkiez : djsven newm...

I can listen to Galaxy Girl and her symphonic psy trance or DJSven Newman rapping to DnB.

live vocals : live music : tra...

My heart swoons when I hear Trav McCullough sing those soaring notes with a touch of country.

live musician : hairy balbozar

And when I hear Hairy Balbozar, my body starts rocking.

dj particle aka emi halcali : ...

Emi Halcali aka DJ Particle can keep me both laughing and dancing to her tunes,

digital francis at rubik's
and then I get a very retro lesson from Digital Francis

djxHalloween Boa : house divaz...

or go totally sexy House with DJxHalloween Boa.

dark psy dj pan tripsa

And then there's Pan Tripsa who is all genres rolled into one... presented as Dark Psy. His compositions borrow from all genres until the darkness envelopes, and it becomes art.

promoter daemonchadeau of dera...

Daemon Chadeau creates the same way... borrowing from noise, industrial, metal, psy and more to create his play list... I am always wanting more, more, more from these two dj's.


Opera Joven's Brent Renard and his operatic voice brings me to a special place filled with surrealism as I am lifted with his musical choices of classical opera. Ahhh, the opera... musicians from every genre borrow from here.


Skyblue Swansong's classical renditions keeps me on edge as I wait for his every nuance at the black and white keys.


Then, there's Louis Volare aka Louis Landon who's original jazz piano composition is food for my soul.


Appreciating music is more than following a genre or crowd. Music is art and should be appreciated purely for its form, composition and execution... and how it makes you feel.

Johnny Mathis : Misty : France

raftwet in icing dress

NOTE from Rafee: ... been listening to some retro music (omg! Johnny Mathis is incredible)... retro fashions have brought me to this musical genre... and I've been seen in clothes that I would definitely say has a retro fashion feel. So reach back and listen to some of the greatest music and songs ever written...

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