Friday, April 3, 2009

Relay for Life : United Beats

American Cancer Society's Relay for Life has a major presence in Second Life. Almost every fundraiser, event or sim has had a connection to this organization. Raising funds in Second Life is a difficult endeavor. One that takes many alliances to form a cohesive network to create the events and to coordinate the many avies involved.

Relay for Life : United Forces...

Relay for Life information can be found on the internet and also in Second Life. The Vania sim and United Beats have created a synergy for this event called United Forces & Beats. They have coordinated not only the fundraiser for American Cancer Society, but have also coordinated an international set of dj's to provide music non-stop for the party itself.

Citizen Records/MS Recordings is also involved and will be recording an album for the event. Hello World Monosurround, United Beats and Relay for Life have made a committed effort to provide this fundraiser and event for the enjoyment of the Second Life citizens. Congratulations to all!

Artists :
Kemmi Kamachi - Netherlands
Ionic Benton - Luxemberg
Myla Vuckovic - Australia
Wiu Bing - United Kingdom
2ndthoughts Brando - Netherlands
Jesto Kormann - Luxemberg
Hern Wrosley - Scotland
Thinker Moy - Ireland
Stefan Chrousch - Germany
Flyandspace Boucher - France
Artec Amat - Germany
Morgan Kincess - France

Dress Code : pirates and sea creatures
Info :
More Info :

Groups : United Beats, Relay for Life, Hello World Monosurround

Congratulations to our The A List! group members Stefan, Martino, Yura & Prosperitus from the Vania Sim!

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