Saturday, April 25, 2009

stefan chrousch at black box final party

stefan chrousch, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

You know how you want something to go on forever? Well, that's how I felt about Black Box club on Vania sim.

A funky, distressed underground scene where every party felt like a special scene. Everyone was always here enjoying the tunes.

Tonight, I see everyone here! Stefan Chrousch, Yura Gazov, Prosperitus Nakamura, Emmily Cortes, djOsiris Darkstone, HeftyHoney Mighty, Lilian Howley, Seismo Glanz, Cagier Krugh, Jeena Pearl, Tommi Inshan, Longinus Fapp, Kemmi Kmachi, Pussy Nacht, Nurito Inshan, Ideal Flow, Thinker Moy and others.

The lag is incredible as more avis come tp'ing to salute this final night at Black Box. Thank you to the United Beats group for this awesome place!

Black Box is no more... and now the United Beats team will concentrate on their other signature clubs on the Vania sim.

The music continues! Never to end, never to stop! Woot!

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