Saturday, May 2, 2009

club experience in second life

So many clubs disappear on the Second Life grid. Some don't make it because of finances, drama between partners or just plain ol' fatigue.

Clubs are hard to create, hard to keep going. Promoters and dj's come and go, groups disappear or merge and some clubs just don't survive all the changes.

Club Experience is a club that has been here for two years. I have been coming here a long time. Even my first few dates with my angel were here! LOL! I remember clubbing with Mack and the peeps here, too! So, it has a lot of history for me.

Angelo Yalin is an owner of this club. A nice gentleman who greets everyone with a friendly hello and welcome. His job is made easier by the friendly club patrons who enjoy the club, the beautiful lights and the great dj's that always spin here.

Today, I am listening to dj Smeagol Greene spin a great set of trance. I have heard her before as she is also a former club owner. She has many fans and draws a great crowd.

Congratulations to Club Experience for their longevity and their success!

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