Sunday, May 17, 2009

psycho putzo

psycho putzo, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Trouble on the grid for me as I am having some issues with the new viewer. I keep losing the stream and my camera is borked. Sometimes after I snap a pic there is no image; just black. Blah...

dj psycho putzo party

I did catch a few pics at BassLine Island at their main stage while dj Psycho Putzo was spinning a very HARD style Drum and Bass set. Gawd, my entire body was vibrating to the hard beats.

Only 18 years, his youth reflects the total abandonment into the music as he spins. Very loose, very hard beats... BassLine is lucky to have his energy! I can imagine the grin on his face as he assaults our ears with the pounding bass and screaming industrial noises. His set got very, very dark and entered the realm of dark psy, industrial, goth and definitely helped me to understand his avatar's name, Psycho Putzo!

But, I lost my stream everytime I would take a picture. Geesh... gotta figure this out!

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