Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sirhc martinek in second life

SIRHC!!!! OMG, our good friend and favorite DJ from San Francisco is back on the grid. Sirhc Martinek sent us a personal shout for a spin at ScoutLounge on the Swiss Media sim.

I first heard Sirhc when he owned the popular sci-fi club Contact. That was a cool build mimicing all things space. There was always some of the coolest dj's at his club. DJ's like Shusaku Rhodes, DJOsiris Darkstone, Pan Tripsa and so many others that I saw there.

Sirhc is also a dj in real life in San Francisco, California. He also has his own catalogue of his own compositions, and I can remember going to several parties where he was streaming his music from the club to his club in Second Life. You can get Sirhc Martinek music here.

Oh so nice to hear this dj again. As busy as he is in real life, it's nice to have Sirhc Martinek back on the club circuit where we can hear him... woot Sirhc!

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