Friday, June 26, 2009

space grelling at indie rock : june 27th

alt7 space grelling, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

INDIE ROCK (24/7 Indie Rock music)

SL home of Indie Rock incl. Alternative, Punk, New Wave, Emo, Ska, Shoegaze, Newgaze, Nugaze, Grunge, Industrial, Garage, Madchester, BritPop, Indie Pop & Dream Pop.

􀀀 INDIE ROCK (24/7)

Music club: 24/7 shoutcast stream, sensor dance floor & couples dance machine.

􀀁 INDIE ROCK (24/7)

DJ Space Grelling playing live Saturday, 27 June:
4AM-7AM PDT (SL Time); 12PM-3PM PDT (SL Time); 6PM-8PM PDT (SL Time)
DJ Space playing live Sunday, 28 June:
4AM-7AM PDT (SL Time); 1PM-4PM PDT (SL Time)


check dj space grelling on the second life grid

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