Saturday, June 20, 2009

naughty box

naughty box, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

naughty box party

OMG! The grid was being naughty to me tonight. White clouds, gray goo... sheesh...

queen coronet as fluffy white ...

Soooo, when I got the shout from Queen Coronet from The Underground to the Naughty Box to hear the sexy beats of dj Init Hubble... well, I thought.. how appropriate!

dj init hubble at naughty boxy

kandy roussell at naughty box

Naughty SL... check out the little fluffy clouds... and I think I crashed at least 5 times. And, then there was Kandy Roussell who looked perfect! Go figure... LOL!

raftwet, xavier at dj init hub...

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