Sunday, July 26, 2009

noma falta on guitar

noma falta on guitar, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

virtual world second life noma...

noma falta live music

What a treat! Noma Falta was playing at Tadd's Cabaret & Dance Club. We hit that tp fast and found a spot on the dance floor.

noma falta at tadds cabaret

Noma is a well known live musician in the virtual world of Second Life. She rawks hard. I remember hearing her with my little brother Ronnie way back in 2007.

noma falta live musician in se...

Plays a killer guitar and sings with the throaty sexy vocals of a seasoned blues singer. She played covers from blues, rock and roll, disco and contemporary.

tadds cabaret club

Woot! Noma! The grrrrrrl was rawking hard! yah!

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