Tuesday, August 25, 2009

isithedreamaker teskat dance island

party at dance island

Festivals are happening everywhere on the grid and in the real world. This is the time for music!

dance island virtual world sec...

I stopped off to listen to DJ God, IsitheDreamaker Teskat, the King of Hardstyle. Tonight, he was spinning a set of trance and vocal trance. Mmmmm, love anything that Isi spins.

dj isithedreamaker at dance is...

I saw Roxette Mabellon, owner of Dance Island and an awesome dj herself.

party people at dance island

24/7 party zone at dance islan...

dance island party zone 24/7

The place was packed and so crowded that I could barely find a spot on the dance floor. Woot!

dance island party

rafee at dance island

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