Saturday, August 8, 2009

mandie & dj spirogyro at touch

touch virtual world club in se...


Beach club Touch is set on the ocean with a clean build of white bright cubes set against blonde wood. Golden highlights spun around the dance floor bringing a party feel to the floor.


Open walls facing the crystal blue water of the ocean lent a clean crispness to the entire place.

touch club outdoor beach club

DJ Spirogyro Congrejo was spinning and dancing on top of the booth. Hostess Mandie Wingtips was dancing in unison with him. Spirogyro was having fun with his tunes going from House to even Pink Floyd! FUN!

touch dj spirogyro & hostess m...

Cazzo Decosta and Venessa Bligh! Nice Nice Nice! Woot! Rafee and Xavi loved the tunes!

xavier, raftwet from the a lis...

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