Wednesday, September 9, 2009

calrek nansen

calrek nansen, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

nurito inshan presents E-78

calrek nansen party at E-78 se...

I am on a building frenzy lately. I stop off at a club and get an inspiration and off I go back to the sandbox or WETLands.

dj clarek nansen party at E-78

I was testing scripts on textures when I received the shout from Arabella Buscaylet, the promoter for E-78.

E-78 party virtual world secon...

Nurito Inshan has an awesome club with great dj's. Today, dj Calrek Nansen is playing. I really like this dj... found him at another club and now I find myself watching for his name.

calrek nansen party at E-78

Yesterday, Calrek, Mack, Laureen and I were hanging over at IPR365's club, The Amp.. dancing to Mack's crazy spins... it was fun!

raftwet at E-78 for dj calrek ...

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