Thursday, September 10, 2009

pug : underground artist

pug : underground artist, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

dasaved eros : the a list!

DaSaved Eros of UnderGround Ar...

Some hip hop, some rap, some noise, some sounds all mixed together like an artist's palette.

Calubious Panacek : Pug

DaSaved Eros of the UnderGround Artist network was spinning over at Pug. Calubious Panacek sent out a brief IM, "...word" in The A List! chat. Now that's brief!

Pug sim : Calubious Panacek

Machno Rebane at dj DaSaved Er...

I hit the tp and off I went to land on the concrete floor of an underground level in the building.

DaSaved Eros underground party

So nice to chill with peeps... convo and no gestures.

party at pug for underground a...

UnderGround Artist : DaSaved E...

rafee at UnderGround Artist

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