Saturday, September 5, 2009

theartfullone skytower at woods house club

There are a lot of couples in virtual world of Second Life who have businesses together. TheArtfullOne Skytower and partner, Mikayla Basevi support each other through their club activities.

mikayla basevi at woods club

woods house music club virtual...

renlobo renfold at woods house...

Today, TheArtfullOne is at Woods House Club where he dj's quite frequently. Always, a great dj of house and other genres, he has a presence on the grid that proves how popular he is among the clubbers.

woods house music club lounge ...

Woods is a beautiful beach club that I have been frequenting for quite a while... the dj's here never disappoint. Even owner, Ezio Gears is a great dj with a fun spirit.

woods house music network

woods club in second life

Kudos to Mercedes Auer and Ezio Gears for their club and their great dj line-up!

woods house music club

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