Saturday, September 5, 2009

pug city virtual world second life

pug city virtual world second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

pug city art party

Urban Pug City is a total concept sim. Go check out ElectroLight Lounge while you're at it.

underground artists

The A List! cool hunters were out last night combing the grid for that element of underground that is always elusive. Looking for cool ain't cool, but tripping over it is always nice.

the a list! at dj dasaved eros...

DaSaved Eros from the Underground Artists of Second Life group is an interesting blend of businessman, dj, artist and tech-head. Ahhh, this one works with both sides of his brain.

dasaved eros of underground ar...

DaSaved has been involved for a long time supporting the arts and artists with locations and events to help have a place for these artists to create and network together.

pug city party friends

He is our kind of artist and friend to the virtual world community of Second Life. He is definitely top notch and we are proud to have him and Pug City with The A List!

pug city group owners

And, oh by the way, he created this beautiful particle storm. So nice!

virtual world second life

daSaved Eros party at pug city

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