Friday, October 23, 2009

ghetto hype party in second life

I was doing a restart on the region next door, when I got the tp from the Ghetto Hype club kids.

ghetto hype on riverland

Frederick Heberle and Martino Bamaisin were spinning this Friday morning. Hmm, a great way to start the weekend! So I took that tp from Arnaud Mureaux, the other owner of GH.

Frederick Heberle spinning at ...

Le Ghetto Hype Art behind DJ B...

Fred was starting the set when I arrived. So fun! His spins are creative, and he brings a mash of elements. I saw Virgilia, Lyrik, Sakiko, Roxie, Goldy and several others.

ghetto hype social networks

This weekend has started peeps! Put on your dancing shoes...

rafee chilling at ghetto hype

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