Friday, October 30, 2009

mr widget soup

mr widget soup, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

mr widget virtual world second...

mr widget in second life

Last night intruded on my regular pleasure of Mr Widget's mash... the grid was borked. No tp's, no transactions and no log-ins... blah.

mr widget party at muzik haus

muzik haus in second life

muzik haus party

So tonight, the gang was there for Mr Widget. Muzik Haus was shiny and new. Pretty pretty.

mr widget mash up

mr widget party in second life

mr widget mixing at muzik haus

On his little 512 plot, we packed the little dance floor for a full three hours of his mashy soup. Then, alienspeaking crew came on and the party never ended.

jinx paz at mr widget party

jinx paz from le cimetiere at ...

Soup's on people... get it while it's hot!

rafee at muzik haus second lif...

raftwet at muzik haus

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