Monday, November 9, 2009

ETC Dollinger as Merman at Substance

Scurrying around like a maniac today, going to the new gallery, the new stores, the new vendors... omg... non-stop run around. Emergencies here, decisions to be made and the holidays are creeping... no bolting towards us like a race to the finish.

Substance club virtual reality...

ETC Dollinger was spinning over at Substance with a shout that came just in time.

party at elegant substance clu...

ETC Dollinger party at substan...

Substance is a huge looming club with beautiful columns of bronze, gilt and glass. Inside the place is appropriate for a ballroom venue or a club event.

mermaid at substance club

substance lilianna teardrop

ETC Dollinger is becoming a fav dj... a mash of everything... never boring. From house to minimal to electro to pop music. It's a party set all the way and so fun! Woot!

substance club

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