Sunday, December 6, 2009

alienspeaking zsigmond

alienspeaking zsigmond, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

alienspeaking zsigmond in second life

The genres are blending all night long with a party here and a party there. All djs swirling the influences into a nice milkshake of sounds. We end our partying over with alienspeaking Zsigmond. 

alienspeaking zsigmond in second life

He, the lime green alien mixing a mash of psychedelic, drum and bass, hip hop, pop, rankle jankle tunes on Murrumbidgee.

raintears, jinx at alienspeaking party

jinx paz at alienspeaking party

lucifersatan genira

My head was spinning as we danced with friends that included Jinx Paz from Le Cimeterie, raintears, Mason, Taliesin, LuciferSatan, OhMy, and more. 

xavier, ohmy, raftwet at alienspeaking

xavier, ohmy, raftwet in second life virtual world party

alienspeaking party in second life

 The cool factor tonight was 11.5+ on a scale of 1 to 10. Oh yah, puppies. Good times.

raftwet, xavier in second life

alienspeaking party

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