Saturday, January 16, 2010

mareabella magic of dance4life

mareabella magic of dance4life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

mareabella magic at dance4life

mareabella in second life

dance4life in second life

There's the shout! It's party time at Dance4Life and dj DDirty Adamczyk from Southern California was spinning. Woot!

dance4life in nyc virtual second life

dance4life party in second life

We arrived to a packed house of partying avatars for dj DDirty's signature party tunes.

ddirty adamczyk in second life

dj ddirty from southern california

dj ddirty from socal in second life

ddirty adamczyk aka dj ddirty from southern california
I saw Mareabella Magic, co-owner of Dance4Life partying on the dance floor looking hawt! Gauge Carter, the other owner was dancing on the dj booth keeping DDirty company.

raftwet, xavier at dance4life

raftwet, xavier at dj ddirty party

raftwet, xavier from the a list!

raftwet, xavier at dance4life in second life

raftwet, xavier at dj ddirty adamczyk party

SoCal in da house tonight! Friday night is tuneeeeees!

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