Saturday, January 2, 2010

pan tripsa in second life

pan tripsa in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

pan tripsa dark psy mix party

pan tripsa mixing experimental, dark psy

An artist is many things. From fine art to music to performance to creation, the arts are alive in Second Life.

dj veronika, dj pan in booth at trap home port

veronika, pan dark psy

Pan Tripsa is all art. His avatar, his mixology of sounds, his creations in building and clothes design, Pan does it all.

pan tripsa party virtual world second life

pan tripsa party in second life

trap home port cave for dark psy

Today, we are at the Trap Home Port cave listening to his musical genius in dark psy. Artists such as Pan are a pleasure to listen to because they are true to their art... true to their passion.

xavier, raftwet at pan tripsa party

xavier, raftwet, zasabi at pan tripsa party

xavier, raftwet, zasabi at trap home port

And, it's freakin' art people! Listen! Woot!

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