Saturday, January 2, 2010

seba sideways jazz saxophone

seba sideways jazz saxophone, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

seba sideways at obsessions jazz ballroom

seba sideways in virtual second life

Ahhhh... the mournful wail of the saxophone soaring through the Obsessions Jazz Ball Room sounded the celebration for the 1st Anniversary of this beautiful room.

happy 1st anniversary to obsessions jazz ballroom

seba sideways concert at obsessions ballroom

Seba Sideways from Argentina, was playing his signature jazz saxophone. His music will make you fly into the clouds.

seba sideways fans at obsession jazz ballroom

seba sideways jazz saxophone fans

In celebration, the ballroom was filled with Seba's fans in beautiful ball gowns of every color and shape. I saw every great designer's creations in this room!

raftwet, xavier from the a list! for seba sideways concert

raftwet, xavier at seba sideways concert

raftwet xavier at obsessions jazz ballroom

Thank you Seba for your beautiful jazz saxophone music and congratulations to Obssesions Jazz Ballroom for providing this place for live music.

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