Saturday, March 13, 2010

Live Music in Second Life

We have been "Live Music" cruising the past week and a half. So many great voices out here on the grid. We tp in and just enjoy one or two hours of incredible music. A couple of highlights this week were Anek Fuchs and his partner Gina Stella. These two both give me chills and goosebumps. Singer songwriters with a style that is very captivating and you got to hear them both.

We also ran into Harrison Digfoot, a guitarist with a harmonica playing pure Americana, folk and indie music. And, of course a tour of live music is not complete without the man himself, Maximillion Kleene. Max is a one man power house of folk, indie, alternate tunes... another favorite (get there early, because he packs a sim full).

Trav McCullough, the lady killer was crooning and breaking hearts right and left. He just makes me melt. Christopher135 Quan played piano with a flare and singing, and he will be streaming together with Anek Fuchs next week.

Sometimes, I feel like I am in a dream world of incredible musicians who give $50 concerts for pennies. I am honored and feel very privileged to be able to hear them.

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