Friday, April 29, 2011

THE A LIST! - Borked Communications!

Hello everyone! Just want to say how difficult posting has been recently for the group, THE A LIST! The new updates to the viewer have been a bit borky for me. My notices are not showing up at my desktop when I am online. They sporadically show up in my email offline, but even there, I am missing quite a few.

xavier and raftwet in second life

When I am online, the notices will come and then some are missing, so posting up to FaceBook has been problematic as I am trying to post for each notice.

Also, as a reminder, I want to let everyone know that only 420 characters are allowed on status post. Make sure you include the slurl or at least the region and the coordinates (that takes less characters than the long slurl). And, I don't want to get into notecards as many of us will not open an unknown link on Facebook! Nooooo! LOL!

xavier and raftwet in second life

Anyway, please have patience as the grid works out the problems within groups and communications for THE A LIST! . I am sometimes not receiving notices... even when I am in-world! So, please do not feel that we are slighting you in any way.

Sigh... the grid is morphing and updating and changing. We will be patient as the LR brings the grid up to speed with all our group needs and communications.

Photos by raftwet jewell of Xavier and Raftwet in Second Life. 
Content uploaded by rafee jewell.

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