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Monday, October 17, 2011

dj bodenhall at PeKashee

dj bodenhall at PeKashee, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Xavier and Raftwet at PeKashee
So nice... dancing with my baby again! That's right... we are back on the Second Life grid again.

Tonight, we stopped off at PeKashee for a romantic dance to dj Bodenhall's cool, smooth tunes of RnB, Blues, Jazz and Lounge music.

Xavier and Raftwet at PeKashee

I missed my baby very much in this place called Second Life... so glad to have him in my arms again!

Xavier and Raftwet at PeKashee

All photos by raftwet jewell  for THE A LIST! blog and other networks.

Friday, April 29, 2011

THE A LIST! - Borked Communications!

Hello everyone! Just want to say how difficult posting has been recently for the group, THE A LIST! The new updates to the viewer have been a bit borky for me. My notices are not showing up at my desktop when I am online. They sporadically show up in my email offline, but even there, I am missing quite a few.

xavier and raftwet in second life

When I am online, the notices will come and then some are missing, so posting up to FaceBook has been problematic as I am trying to post for each notice.

Also, as a reminder, I want to let everyone know that only 420 characters are allowed on status post. Make sure you include the slurl or at least the region and the coordinates (that takes less characters than the long slurl). And, I don't want to get into notecards as many of us will not open an unknown link on Facebook! Nooooo! LOL!

xavier and raftwet in second life

Anyway, please have patience as the grid works out the problems within groups and communications for THE A LIST! . I am sometimes not receiving notices... even when I am in-world! So, please do not feel that we are slighting you in any way.

Sigh... the grid is morphing and updating and changing. We will be patient as the LR brings the grid up to speed with all our group needs and communications.

Photos by raftwet jewell of Xavier and Raftwet in Second Life. 
Content uploaded by rafee jewell.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


DALE KATSCHER at KEY WEST RESORT, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.



So many people of such incredible talent are performing in Second Life. Live musicians who perform their own compositions and others with talent so rich that they also perform with electronic enhancement.


No matter, these musicians deserve our support. Tonight, Dale Katscher is performing at Key West Resort, Liz Harley's awesome outdoor venue. Dale performs many of his own compositions and when he does a cover, he owns it with his own interpretation.

xavier, raftwet at key west resort for dale katscher

xavier, raftwet at dale katscher concert

What I hope is that the avatars in Second Life appreciate the musicianship of each and every musician on this grid. Support each other and thrive as a music industry!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

xavier, raftwet in second life

xavier, raftwet in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

A New Year is here! 2011 is in full swing and it's already January 2nd. Many of you will be going back to work tomorrow on Monday to a full weekly schedule while others are creating new content for the grid; just waiting for the right moment to share it with all of us.

Xavi was busy the last few days contacting special members and loyal old members about new concepts for our group, THE A LIST! Though we (Xavier and Raftwet) both may not agree on every issue, we both agree that it is time to reward our loyal members. Those are the original members who have stuck with us through the growing pains of this group. We all learned along the way that our original concept had credence and worth.

xavier, raftwet from the a list!

We both thank you all very much!

Our new members, and new friends do not need to fear. We respect this entire group and their personal interests and businesses. We only want to let all of you know how much we honor each and everyone of you.

Please take the time to contact us with any ideas or criticisms while we are in-world. Please keep in mind that your notecards and IM's are not always received by us when we are offline. Both of us have huge inventories, and the grid communication can be a nightmare as it applies to group IMs and offline emails. So, please be patient and try catching us online.

xavier, raftwet dancing

And, again, thank you for your kind support and acknowledgement. We are blessed to have this group! THE A LIST! rocks... and so do you!

All photos by raftwet jewell and uploaded for THE A LIST! blog.
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Saturday, August 15, 2009

xavier and rafee from the a list

the a list party on riverland

dj sao tokyoska from skanda pr...

daemonchadeau at the a list pa...

pan tripsa : srivatsa group

It's hard to describe how I feel right now. I am a good kind of tired. We spent the day with friends from The A List! celebrating Xavier's 3 year rezz day in virtual world of Second Life.

zero point builder sabine ston...

dj sao party at riverland

This place is special for us. The "game" isn't really a game for us anymore. It's a place that we believe in. We see a future in the virtual world. A place of great possibilities.

riverland crystals in cave clu...

This group came together to celebrate with us and the dj's Syriana Paine, Pan Tripsa, Sao Tokyoska and DaemonChadeau Nemeth. They are special people. And we love them dearly.

3 year rezz day for xavier thi...

We saw Sabine from Zero Point, Sonar from Future Club, Deirdre from Dance Island, Xavier A. from GivemeSpace, all the folks from Skanda Productions, Raver from Raverz Stylez, Ludovica from ISIDE and many more.

cave club on riverland

riverland cave club

Special thanks to Tasty Hax at Radiant Bliss for letting us "shout" in her group! Thank you all!!!!

xavier, raftwet, deirdre at ri...

Whew... now back to building! LOL! Hugz to everyone!

love cake on riverland cave cl...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The A List! presents Events

The A List! presents Events, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

The A List!

~~~ presents ~~~

"Big 3"

Xavier Thiebaud is 3 yrs old this Sat!

aug 15 & 16, 2009

RiverLand : sat : dj's 12 - 8pm




electra & fannies

WETLands : sun : live music 12 - 6pm

brent renard

jen noel

tone uriza

trav mccullough

jean munro

Poster by : raftwet jewell