Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Members!

We have a few new members that I would like to mention today.

I met Lastping Asp at the end of 2007. I ran into him because I was working with water, water prims for rivers on my sim. Most of my land has Tu Dae, from Northland sims, scripted water prims. But, it's always nice to see what's being offered on the grid.

Lastping is a French scripter and creator. He is very good. He has recently created an advanced system for surfable waves. Very cool peeps... And he is also a networker on the internet. His wife and he have a great network of information on the web. I found her blog recently. One that is very informative for sim builders, sim owners and/or land developers in Second Life.

Last night, I invited him into our group and had a great chat with him. I think you will agree that his Ground3D products will help you to provide a very cool experience on your land.

Also, last night I received a shout from Digital Nation. DJ Digital Francis was spinning at the Grand Opening of the 1015 Folsum club on Brimir sim. A loving reference to a real life club in San Francisco, California.

dj digital francis

The club was hopping with avies dancing to Digi's progressive tunes and mixing in world music of all genres. He's a very good dj and his catalogue proves that he loves all music.

1015 folsum club

An old friend of mine whom I've known forever on the SL grid, is Aosh. He is a creator and artist. I have a collection of his bears in my inventory and my land. He is also a Second Life videographer. I love working with him on projects, and he has hired me several times to be his actress... LOL! Aoshiscofield does beautiful artful videos on his channel FMF Videos. Make sure you look at it in High Definition.


Speaking of art. I found a photo gallery last night while working on videos. Ten Thousand Shadows sim is a fun place to explore. Lots of cool shops and club stuff. But, I found a gallery display of photos by Tomarus Lednev. Wow! The photos were just stunning. They don't belong to our group, but they deserve a mention. Remember we are The A List! and we will try to let you know about other places, people and things despite their involvement or not.

Note: Thank you to Lastping Asp for the Ground3D photo from his blog!

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