Friday, May 29, 2009

all eyes are on you

all eyes are you, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

DJ Okin Nishi was playing at the newest offering at BassLine Island, Darkstep. A very cool build of industrial, psy and surrealism. The eyes were everywhere watching us... chartreuse green glowing eyes following me everywhere... eeeeek!

okin nishi at bassline darkste...

BassLine is the home of Drum and Bass and has some of the most popular DnB dj's on the grid. They seem to have a new club offering every few months... always keeping things fresh. The Darkstep club is a beautiful build paying homage to a world of surreal industrial musical noise.

dj booth at darkstep

Liqwid Lancaster was there along with Chantell, Shanti, Bren, Dionsysis and others. I kept looking at the textures and the rotating dj booth... very cool place. I'll have to come back to hear Liqwid and dj Sven Newman here.

liqwid lancaster at darkstep

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