Monday, May 4, 2009

second life party : macks rezz day

Woot! Monday, May 4, 2009 is Mackenzie's rezz day! She is officially (2) two years old in Second Life...

Ahhh, time flies by so fast in this place, this beautiful virtual world... I met Mackenzie a long time ago. I can't remember the actual conversation or who was spinning (probably djxHalloween Boa or dj Audrey Falta or dj Ice Tracer) at TJIce that night, but I met her there.

The gang was varied and full of spice. There were so many of us hanging out at that club and Mack was always there, too. She was friendly, outgoing... the perfect club hostess!

I followed her to several clubs after TJIce closed including the ones I still go to and help to promote. She was always the friendliest, the one who always made you feel welcome, the one who you remembered...

And now, we are buddies, good friends and she is a member of The A List! Celebrity group. We can talk about anything and everything... the grid, the peeps, the clubs, the djs, the men (lol!), the music, our clothes, and even ourselves. We talk about it all...

She's a great second life photographer, too! Make an appointment for her special couple photos or for an upcoming wedding.

I congratulate Mackenzie on 2 years of success on this grid! You go grrrl!

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