Tuesday, July 28, 2009

dj rieko yoshikawa

dj rieko yoshikawa, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

dj rieko party friends

party at fracture w dj rieko y...

Da goils were out in force tonight with a dark psy spin at the club called Fracture. DJ Rieko Yoshikawa was in the dark realm... muaaahhhh.

rieko yoshikawa

Shad Raffke sent the shout out in The A List! when Xavi and I were chilling at home. Boom, I went, leaving my angel to catch up to his work.

rafee at fracture party w dj r...

Shad, Billynom8 and DJSven along with a packed room of fans were all here to celebrate Sven's birthday and dark psy DJ Rieko's spin.

fracture club

Weeeeeeeee! what a fun Tuesday! Woot!

rafee at dj rieko yoshikawa pa...

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