Saturday, August 29, 2009

tone uriza from second life

tone uriza from second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

virgils cafe second life

tone uriza blues man

Ahhh, I see the shout coming in The A List! notices... and the pounding beats from Teknival had me vibrating.

virgils music cafe virtual wo...

I needed a bit of a chill, so I took that tp to Virgil's Music Cafe to go hear Tone Uriza, the bluesman. He was strumming and picking that guitar and singing with that raspy voice of a seasoned blues singer.

tone uriza performance at virg...

Gawd, I love music. All of it. I can go from hardstyle trance to the 3-chord progression of the blues. There is nothing better than music to get the body moving, peeps... nothing!

virgils music cafe

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