Saturday, September 26, 2009

dogglounge in second life

dogglounge in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

dj nurito inshan at dogglounge

dogglounge party

Newest members of The A List! is a legendary club in Second Life. Dogglounge has a history on the grid. Almost everyone has a story at this club.

dogglounge in second life

I can remember coming here when they first opened up. A pool was set to the side where avis would float to the house and minimal beats.

dogglounge virtual world secon...

dogglounge friends

Now the club is set next to the ocean. A very cool vibe has always been around Dogglounge... and the avis that hang out here are people I've seen at the coolest clubs.

dj yotan korobase in second li...

Thank you Sidda Leigh for your awesome contribution to the club scene!

xavier, raftwet at dogglounge ...


  1. thanks so much for visiting us at dogglounge! that's right...since 2006 we've been dropping some of the deepest, sexiest beats in house music...and now we have a new spot by the ocean...i am so excited about the new place but we still have the same me for more info :):) SIDDA LEIGH

  2. sidda! i didnt see this comment until just now (gawd its may 2010)!
    thank you for bringing such a great vibe to the grid.
    your djs, your venues are always so fun w/ a very cool scene.
    cya on the dance floor soon!