Saturday, September 26, 2009

mackenzie at the amp

mackenzie at the amp, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

the amp renovatation

We dropped off at the Breast Cancer fundraiser over at The Amp on the Milky Way sim.

breast cancer fundraiser in se...

Mackenzie had the pink ribbon particles floating above the dance floor while the dj spinned a nice dance set.

second life breast cancer fund...

the a list at the amp

xavi, rafee at the amp

The rebuilt of The Amp looks very nice with new rock walls and club lights. The mall sit just away from the dance floor obstructed by the walls so that the retail isn't right in your face!

xavier, raftwet at the amp

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  1. Dear Raft and Xav:

    Thanks as always for coming by and checking us out the new AMP is so great.. Great staff and great ppl who party here .. The fund raiser has raised some good donations for BREAST CANCER and the AVON Walk in NY.. Thanks Love Mack