Saturday, November 14, 2009

bluesman tone uriza in virtual world second life

We were about to hit the clubs when we saw the shout from Tone Uriza for his blues concert at The Majestic.

tone uriza concert at the maje...

The Majestic in second life

The first time I saw Tone Uriza was at this beautiful club.

the bar at the majestic

the majestic bar area

The Majestic is gorgeous with old world textures. The beautiful magnolias on the walls are like old dutch paintings. Just beautiful.

raftwet, xavier at tone uriza ...

xavier, raftwet at the majesti...

Tone was cracking us up with his music and his jokes. He is a true performer and brings the blues to life. And his jokes? HeHe you gotta go and hear them for yourself. LOL! Woot!

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